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Hit the Ground (sort of) Running

P1020305Hello out there!
My name is Lionel and I am French. I work a job … but my passion is for travel and friends! I love to visit new places and make new friends as well as hidden-away treasures in my own home town. My goal, through this blog, will be to reach out to YOU and form new travel friendships! Where would you like to go? Where would you like ME to go? I want to help people get the most out of their travels by being a sort of online travel guide without the annoyances of the published travel guides that list details about every brick in a city so that your pants fall off from the weight of the tome in your back pocket! No one has time for that.
You want an adventure! You want romance! You want the best pizza spot in Naples without all the tourists standing behind you!
This is where I come in: either alongside you virtually, or physically (I’d be happy to travel with you personally!), I want to help guide you through cities I’ve visited to make your stay the best it can be in the time you have.
Cheers to our upcoming travel adventures!


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