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Welcome to Palma de Mallorca

An Island for sunny days .

The cathedral is the anchor monument in the middle of what was the old section of the city. Mallorca is also spelled Majorca (larger city meaning) and has a long history of occupancy dating back to 6000BC.

 P1080215                        P1080282


P1080278                         P1080234                P1080342

Mallorca Island a paradise on earth


Cap de Formentor


  P1080548                   P1080577

  Cap de Formentor is a spectacular place, located on the northernmost point of the Balaeric Island Majorca.

The views  are amazing, you can look down the rock wall and see the Mediterranean at a few tens of meters below… quite impressive. I suggest to go there in the afternoon and stay until  evening, to catch the views during full light, dusk and dark.


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