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Charlevoix is one of the little waterfront villages that charmed me the most on MY visit to northern Michigan. I regret that I don’t have more, and better, photos to share. The town has two waterfronts – one of Lake Michigan, one on Lake Charlevoix. The marina is on Lake Charlevoix.

A number of houses in town were designed by architect Earl Young and have been called “mushroom houses” by the locals.


P1030175     P1030242

I came to Boyne over summer

The Mountain Grand Lodge is a nice resort.


P1030513     P1030517

Gorgeous sunsets, beautiful dunes, warm water.

I wish i could live there:)


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I really enjoyed my dinner in Legs Inn.

This is an authenic Polish restaraunt in a small crossroads town in Northern Michigan. 

Watching the sun set over Lake Michigan was fabulous.


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The Grand Hotel is easily one of the most distinguishable landmarks and buildings on the island. Its sweeping wooden porch dominates its surroundings, and the grounds in front of it are always covered in a stunning array of vibrantly colored flowers.

There is a lot of appeal in a trip across to Mackinac Island. First, no cars, so if you want to get around, bikes are a great way to go. Probably more importantly, there is the allure of fudge! Mackinac is famous for the confection, and stores that sell it line the main street of the island.


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