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Nassau, on New Providence, is the capital of the Bahamas and features a mixture of neocolonial 19th century buildings and modern hotel resorts. It’s the main point where caribbean cruise ships stop and spring breakers party.

The city of Nassau is blooming with beautiful color from the buildings, water and people.



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I went to Atlantis to visit the property and see what everyone was talking about. I  took a 10 minute cab ride over to the hotel from Nassau. Sol Kerzner built an amazing hotel, he spared no detail to make everyone believe this was the real Atlantis. The marine exhibits, the Chihuly glass, the sculptures, and lagoons were amazing. This resort has over 2000 rooms in three main Towers: the Beach Towers, Coral Towers and Royal Towers. It is considered the largest island resort in the world. For me Atlantis was nice for a visit .It felt like Disneyland. The people who would enjoy staying here are people with children. There are activities for adults to enjoy such as a nightclub and a spa.


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