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  Milan Fashion Week


I was in Milan during fashion week this September (just a coincidence).


Ristorante Da Oscar


P1050077    P1050078    P1050079

Came for dinner , not to full at all; nice table, lots of food, good ambiance, waitress perfect.. can’t wait to go back. I love typical real natural ristorante 🙂


Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele II


P1040946   P1040952    P1050039

This Gallery, as anybody knows, was built in 1877. Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II is the Milan’s elegant lounge with luxury boutiques and restaurants. The roof of the gallery forms a cross that is well visible from the cathedral’s roof. It connects the Cathedral’s Square with the La Scala Square. The four symbols in every part on the floor represent the capitals of the Kingdom of Italy in various historical periods of that country. They are Milan, Turin, Florence and Rome.
There are shop’s and coffee bars in the gallery. So, if you would like to buy some goods from the most famous world’s designers and producers you can do it here, although you should be ready to pay the fair price for these fair and high quality goods.


Il Duomo

P1040957 P1050026

Il Duomo – the cathedral – it is the icon of Milan, the most spectacular building, the must see…

Like many cathedrals in Europe, the construction of the Duomo started in the Middle Ages, but was not completed for many centuries. Construction began in 1386 and the building was consecrated in 1418, but was only finished in the 19th century, when the façade was completed for the coronation of Napoleon.


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