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Retiro Park, Madrid

P1060843 P1060857 P1110579P1110568

Located ever so close to the Prado Museum, Retiro Park reminded me of Central Park in New York. It is huge both in dimensions and things to see. The area is particularly popular on weekends when the park appears to be taken over by the residents of Madrid.

The park contains many interesting features. There is a large lake in the middle of the park for boating. There is a gorgeous building called the Crystal Palace that was built long ago. There are spots with cool grass and tall trees for relaxing. There are countless areas to walk and jog around in and be sheltered from the warm sun. There are also an extremely large number of book stalls at the edge of the park selling books of all kinds.

Retiro Park just like it was some 200 years ago when it was opened by King Phillip IV is still a place to relax and forget about the pressures of life for a few hours.

La Castellana Avenue, Madrid

P1060564 P1110917

Madrid’s grand boulevard. I have so many memories of walking along it, at just about every section.

“The Paseo de la Castellana”a is a beautiful street with lots of apartment buildings and some stores .

Cibeles Square, Madrid

P1060660 P1060686

One of the most beautiful places in Madrid this square is dominated by the central fountain, created in 1782 and dedicated to goddess Cibeles. Around it Cibeles palace, Bank of Spain, Buenavista palace and Linares palace compose the “living room” of real Madrid supporters, and the main meeting point for tourists.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

P1100979   P1110533     P1110547

The Plaza Mayor is the central market square for Madrid, located within a rectangular plaza surrounded on all sides by buildings with balconies and windows and shops on the bottom floor.

In the center of the plaza is an equestrian statue of Philip III, who commissioned the building of the plaza. The statue was designed by the Italian sculptor Giovanni de Bologna, but was completed by his student Pietro Tacca in 1616. It used to be situated at the Casa de Campo but was moved to the Plaza Mayor in the mid-1800s.

On one of the buildings near the center of the plaza are some very beautiful paintings featuring allegories. Below these paintings is Madrid’s main tourist office.

Plaza Santa Ana, Madrid

P1100975 P1100977

This is one of the great plaza’s of Madrid, located east of the Puerta del Sol. The plaza Santa Ana is where the local’s come to relax and drink and eat.


P1060469 P1060487 P1060629

In December Christmas gets going with  open air events,street markets and concerts.


P1060609 P1060606

Goiko Grill is one of the best burger restaurants in Madrid.

Real Madrid Football, Madrid

P1110158 P1110182

P1110121 P1110164

Real Madrid is the main soccer team in Madrid and the sport is considered a religion!

It’s a huge stadium with seating capacity for about 80000 people.

I attended a great game Real Madrid/FC Barcelona 1/2 final Champion ‘s League.

Royal Palace, Madrid

P1110868    P1110890

Madrid’s original royal palace was at the site of Retiro Park. It was where the monarchy lived when Spain ruled the world. It was where Velazquez painted his masterpieces. Its architecture featured the square corners with the pointed tops that you can still find all over Madrid. It was truly Madrileño! However, that palace tragically burned, taking with it several masterpieces by Velazquez and Rubens, among other artists.

The palace was rebuilt in the Western corner of the city and it was designed by a French architect. This is why it looks like a mini Versailles. And although it’s still gorgeous, it’s more French than Spanish looking.


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