P1300041 P1300025

P1300047 P1300064

P1300054  P1300051


The monumental Strasbourg Cathedral is a huge tourist draw in this area. It is well worth seeing, but be advised that you won’t be alone.

Besides being a masterpiece of wood sculpture is also a popular for the restaurant and sidewalk cafes all around.



P1300139 P1300143 P1300147 P1300149 P1300150 P1300155


Walking through the Petite France district was a highlight of my visit to Strasbourg. Such a beautiful section of this historic city which retains the magnificent old homes and buildings.

A relaxing walk and I recommend you take the opportunity to have lunch or an afternoon coffee at one of the many restaurants along the waterway.

An alternative is to take a ferry trip through the waterway.




Totem - HautVue sur VictoriaTotem - Bas

Couché de soleil 02     Couché de soleil 03

Welcome to the jewel of Canada’s west coast! the city of gardens, the capital of British Columbia, the warmest place in all Canada, full of flowers almost all year round.. all that and much more is Victoria…

This is my favorite place in Canada and believe me, once you walk on its streets, you’ll feel like being in a fairy tale town.
Most of its charm derives from its English air as many people say Victoria is more British than England, and even though I haven’t been in England I think it’s true. In this city you can take great pictures because of the beautiful scenery, even if you are the worst photographer!


Empress Hotel 01 Empress Hotel 02

Even if you don’t stay at this hotel you must stop for afternoon tea which is enjoyed by over 100,000 people every year. The Victoria Fairmount Empress Hotel serves its own special

blend of tea in fine Royal Doultan china.


Royal BC Museum - Animaux 01     Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 03    Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 07 Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 11      Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 14

You certainly absolutely must go to to the Royal B.C. Museum. I have been all over the world and I have never seen a museum such as this one before. It’s located right in the downtown portion of Victoria, and very easy to get to!


Parlement - Emblème     Parlement - Intérieur 01

Parlement - La Reine d'Angleterre     Parlement - Vitrail- Emblème gardé

Parlement 01     Parlement de nuit

Parlement 03     Parlement 04

The Legislature Buildings of British Columbia are a majestic and stunning structure that partially dominate the Inner Harbour of Victoria. Built of rough stone and richly decorated in an eclectic mixture of Victorian Gothic, Italianate, and 19th-century Romanesque styles, the buildings are an early masterpiece of Francis Rattenbury, who went on to design many signature buildings in Victoria and elsewhere in Canada, primarily BC. These include the Empress Hotel and part of the Banff Springs Hotel.

There are free guided tours of the interior during summer. Take your time to enjoy the exterior and the gardens.

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Piazza Della Signoria



Piazza Della Signoria is the very heart of downtown Florence. You tend to pass there wherever you go, or from wherever you are coming from. It’s a beautiful square, with several great statues, and overlooked by the Palazzo Vecchio. Take special attention to the fountain with Neptune.



P1040673 P1040676


The Palazzo Pitti is a vast mainly Renaissance palace. It is situated on the south side of the River Arno, a short distance from the Ponte Vecchio.

It was built for Luca Pitti, a rich banker who wanted his new home to be bigger and more luxurious than the newly built Palazzo Medici.


Piazzale Michelangelo and Japanese wedding in Florence

P1040678   P1040698

P1040700   P1040685

P1040736     P1040740

Piazzale Michelangelo is one of my favourite places in Florence, The square is famous for its panoramic view over the city.

The views are breathtaking with the Duomo rising out from the city and the backdropped surrounding hills, it has to be seen.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Japanese wedding in plaza Michelangelo.  I talked with a few people of the group and they were very educated and joyful.  I would love to visit Japan as soon as possible!

La Loggia del Piazzale Michelangelo


P1040743       P1040746

P1040752        P1040758


This beautiful restaurant sits atop the hill overlooking the magnificent city of Florence with a backdrop of the Tuscany hills.

This is a touristic experience.There are better quality and better value restaurants in and around Florence.

I particularly enjoyed the home made tiramisu.


Ponte Vecchio & Arno River

P1040668 P1040836

The Ponte Vecchio is a bridge over the River Arno and is the oldest surviving bridge in Florence – it has withstood flood and war since 1345. In fact it was the only bridge in Florence to survive Nazi explosives in 1944.

It is unique, as both edges of the bridge are lined with buildings.

Today, it is a shopping arcade of sorts, traditionally mostly jewellers since the days of the Medici.


Ice Cream ” La Carraia”


P1040838   P1040841


It’s hard to name one gelateria as ‘the best’ because in Florence quality is high.  But my favorite was La Carraia .


Il Duomo


P1040802   P1040807    P1040893

The beauty of the Duomo dominates the Florence skyline and is therefore a must to visit.

From the outside this is far and away the most impressive building I have ever seen.

Just the sheer scale is amazing. I was told it took over 800 years to complete .