P1300167     P1300395

P1300175    P1300195


P1300423 P1300427

I spent 1 night in this hotel. I really loved the swimming pool. There are shops and a great disco open at weekends with a great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place for business travelers, families etc…



      P1300346   P1300320 P1300271        P1300264 P1300257         P1300255


Hotel Mamounia is one of Marrakech’s big attractions and is probably the most famous and luxurious hotel in the country.

I didn’t lodge at La Mamounia, but I enjoyed walking by its impressive gardens.

It is  a classical luxury hotel, full of history with guest such as Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Charles Chaplin, Édif Piaf… Also some movies have been recorded in here, like “The man who knew too much”, from Alfred Hitchcock.

There are some excellent restaurants, such as the Moroccan food one, but also the cafe, with live music.




P1300453     P1300456

P1300468    IMG_1430 IMG_1433


Hotel is great – located closely to the medina, right in front of the shopping mall Menara Mall . Outside pool is also great and breakfast is just phenomenal!

Djamaa El Fna – Square, Marrakesh

P1300584 P1300588 P1300593 P1300594

This is easily Marrakesh’s main sight and a place where you can easily spend a couple of hours just walking around or watching the scene. Here, you will find all kinds of arts and all kinds of food in an entertaining setting.



P1300559   P1300560  P1300565            P1300580


Loved the craziness of it all. Very busy, and you really don’t know where to look first! A really fun place.

Its beautiful buildings and its rich culture, together with its colourful people makes it unique.




P1300626   P1300692 P1300695    P1300734

The region is inhabited by Berber people who practice a traditional way of life. Despite its proximity to Marrakech, it is still considered relatively “unspoiled”.










P1170050 P1170137 P1170276 P1170292 P1170700 P1170707 P1170741 P1170742 P1170784 P1170856 P1180026 P1180053 P1180071


There are many beautiful beaches in almost every country, but the choice I would say is simple. Go to Varadero beach where boring is not a word. Varadero is a resorts town in Matananzas, north of Cuba. It is one of the many few beaches with a still clam sea. Varadero is called Playa which means blue sea in Spanish. Every year there comes around 300,000 people just in that area.

Ideal place for beach lovers, Varadero is one of the most important tourism destinations in Cuba, world famous for its all inclusive Hotels.



P1160514 P1160533 P1160543 P1160589 P1160612 P1160628


P1160491 P1160496 P1160499 P1160500

During our visit to Havana, one of my favorite things to do was to just walk through the streets of Habana Vieja, admiring the contrasts of both people and structure.Old Havana has been around for close to 500 years. Many of the buildings date back to the 1700’s.You’ll get to see beautiful streets, squares & hidden courtyards. When you are tired of walking there are museums, galleries & cafes to visit.



P1180188 P1180190 P1180197 P1180220 P1180224 P1180226


This 5 mile long boulevard that runs from the old part of Havana (Habana Vieja) is an ideal place for mixing with the people of Cuba.Construction of the Malecon started in 1901 and its main purpose was to protect Havana from the sea.These days it is a pleasant place to wander by the waters edge watching people fishing,swimming and just relaxing along the sea wall.Also a good place for seeing the old American cars that frequent this area.


P1160416 P1160435 P1160439P1160462

My brief visit to this magnificent hotel which stands overlooking the Malecon in Havana was where i enjoyed the perfect Cuban Mojito.Sitting in the garden,overlooking the sea on a warm ,sunny day was a joy.
The hotel was opened in December 1930.Over the years some of the guests and visitors that have been here included Frank Sinatra,Ava Gardener,John Wayne,Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Alexander Fleming.




P1160736 P1160756 P1160776 P1160799 P1160822

Located at the Hotel Nacional, this  cabaret show is a vibrant and extravagant spectacle



P1160236 P1160311 P1160301 P1160366 P1160370

P1160294 P1160263


Can’t really describe how I felt that night at the Habana Cafe. It was a mixture of feelings and all of them positive ones. I found myself looking around the place and dreaming of the past. The interior decoration will transport you back to the 50’s or before. I love vintage cars and photography, good live music and drinks, so this was for me a right place to visit. The performers that night were absolutely great;  The Buena Vista Social Club among others made my night a perfect one. The staff is very friendly and the drinks can’t be any better!! Again, you’ll love the interior; the airplane hanging from the ceiling and the old cars inside, the pictures on the walls . Let this place surprise you!!






P1120568 P1120563 P1120548 P1120545


When I was in Jerusalem I of course visited the Western Wall. You have surely heard about it. It’s an important place for the Jews and many are praying there. You can write a prayer on a paper and put it into the wall if you want.

Friday evenings are the best time to visit as shabbat sets in, with many thousands flocking to the Kotel (Hebrew name), the sound of the faithful singing, their songs and prayers cutting through the air;

No doubt a  place where everyone should go and experience .


Ben Yehuda Street

P1120450 P1120451 P1120532


Ben Yehuda St area is a very lively area especially at night, there are many pubs and restaurants in and around it and its one of the nicest areas to hang out in.



P1120466   P1120459



It’s one of the most beautiful hotel in Jerusalem .

A great plus is the location…very close to the old city .

The view of the Old City was incredible.

The David Citadel Hotel on King David Street commands a prime site at the most desirable location in Western Jerusalem, across from Alrov Mamilla Avenue and overlooking the ancient walls of the Old City, the historical Tower of David and Jaffa Gate. 





Cancun is one of the nicest places you could ever go. I recommend that everyone once in their lifetime, take the time to visit Cancun. The weather here is beautiful all the year.


P1020490   P1020487

La Habichuela Sunset

P1190885    P1190887

P1190892     P1190894

P1190883      P1190888


It is rare that a restaurant combines great service, unique entertainment and great food.

I get a mayan coffee at the end.An experience to remember !

But what makes it special is sitting outside in the garden area on white chairs watching the sunset. The gardens Re lovely with plantings and arranged artfully. Three times a week there is a short Mayan dance show which I enjoyed on a Monday evening.


Ritz-Carlton Cancun

P1020452   P1020463

P1020466    P1020467


Everything is special about this hotel!
it`s simply one of  the best.(at least to me).


JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

P1190988      P1190925

P1200140       P1200253



This is a great resort facility. You’d never have to leave if you don’t want to. They have a great breakfast buffet, afternoon tea, champaign flight in the afternoon, great pool, swim-up bar, and beach area. I have no complaints.

I had a wonderful 2 nights stay last year (november 2012).



Totem - HautVue sur VictoriaTotem - Bas

Couché de soleil 02     Couché de soleil 03

Welcome to the jewel of Canada’s west coast! the city of gardens, the capital of British Columbia, the warmest place in all Canada, full of flowers almost all year round.. all that and much more is Victoria…

This is my favorite place in Canada and believe me, once you walk on its streets, you’ll feel like being in a fairy tale town.
Most of its charm derives from its English air as many people say Victoria is more British than England, and even though I haven’t been in England I think it’s true. In this city you can take great pictures because of the beautiful scenery, even if you are the worst photographer!


Empress Hotel 01 Empress Hotel 02

Even if you don’t stay at this hotel you must stop for afternoon tea which is enjoyed by over 100,000 people every year. The Victoria Fairmount Empress Hotel serves its own special

blend of tea in fine Royal Doultan china.


Royal BC Museum - Animaux 01     Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 03    Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 07 Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 11      Royal BC Museum - Histoire Contemporaine 14

You certainly absolutely must go to to the Royal B.C. Museum. I have been all over the world and I have never seen a museum such as this one before. It’s located right in the downtown portion of Victoria, and very easy to get to!


Parlement - Emblème     Parlement - Intérieur 01

Parlement - La Reine d'Angleterre     Parlement - Vitrail- Emblème gardé

Parlement 01     Parlement de nuit

Parlement 03     Parlement 04

The Legislature Buildings of British Columbia are a majestic and stunning structure that partially dominate the Inner Harbour of Victoria. Built of rough stone and richly decorated in an eclectic mixture of Victorian Gothic, Italianate, and 19th-century Romanesque styles, the buildings are an early masterpiece of Francis Rattenbury, who went on to design many signature buildings in Victoria and elsewhere in Canada, primarily BC. These include the Empress Hotel and part of the Banff Springs Hotel.

There are free guided tours of the interior during summer. Take your time to enjoy the exterior and the gardens.

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 La Croisette

P1150487        P1080088

P1150606           P1150610

Panorama taken in summer it shows the beautiful Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes and it’s beaches.

Z Plage Hotel Martinez

P1090051       P1170830

P1090052        P1170832
Music, atmosphere, service is great and food amazing.

Le Suquet, Cannes

P1150636    P1150658

P1150637    P1150641


One of the nicest places to visit in Cannes where you can see the locals in shops, stores, and sitting at outdoor cafes is in the old town on the hill, Le Suquet.



Palais des Festivals –  Film festival

  014    CIMG2069    CIMG2070 P1080033    P1080169

A must during the festival !!! “La montée des marches” to see your favorite stars enter the palais des festivals. If you want to make the better of it, try to be there in the afternoon instead of the evening : they climb the stairs 2 or 3 times a day, and there are less spectators in the afternoon, so you should have a better view!!!





P1050616       P1050621


Nassau, on New Providence, is the capital of the Bahamas and features a mixture of neocolonial 19th century buildings and modern hotel resorts. It’s the main point where caribbean cruise ships stop and spring breakers party.

The city of Nassau is blooming with beautiful color from the buildings, water and people.



P1050636         P1050654       P1050686P1050643          P1050674

P1050719           P1050783

I went to Atlantis to visit the property and see what everyone was talking about. I  took a 10 minute cab ride over to the hotel from Nassau. Sol Kerzner built an amazing hotel, he spared no detail to make everyone believe this was the real Atlantis. The marine exhibits, the Chihuly glass, the sculptures, and lagoons were amazing. This resort has over 2000 rooms in three main Towers: the Beach Towers, Coral Towers and Royal Towers. It is considered the largest island resort in the world. For me Atlantis was nice for a visit .It felt like Disneyland. The people who would enjoy staying here are people with children. There are activities for adults to enjoy such as a nightclub and a spa.


   Casino Monaco



P1180489          vue-monaccasjour  P1180570

A walk around the Place de Casino will expose you to some beautiful sites. First, of course, is the Monte Carlo Casino. Next is the Hotel de Paris, with Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant. Across the square is the Cafe de Paris. And in the center of the square the lovely garden and fountain.

Hotel de Paris,  Montecarlo.

P1180268        P1180401     P1180571

Hotel the Paris is the most famous hotel of Monte Carlo because it’s on the Place du Casino and well…right next to the casino. It’s a super luxury hotel where you’ll cross stars and top models in the sensational lobby or in the hotel restaurant, le Louis XV, one of the 3 Alain Ducasse’s restaurants (THE reference of french haute-cuisine). 


Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel

P1180011     P1180528

P1180546    P1180205

The Montecarlo Beach Hotel  actually is not located in Monaco, but just across the border in Roquebrune/France.

They have the best outdoor olympic pool of Monco,with mediteranean see easy access


Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

P1180416 P1180429

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is one of the top sighs in Monaco, as it happens to bd the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. Its construction dates back to 1215, when it was a Genoese fortress. It became the stronghold of the Grimaldi family in 1297 – and has been continuously inhabited by them until the present day.

It is possible to visit the palace inside, and I strongly recommend it .


Fairmont hotel.


The Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel is a unique four-star luxury convention resort located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco in between the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary Casino of Monte Carlo.

 Monaco Port

P1170981 P1170995

As you walk, you can see people of all ages, children on their bicycles…You look at the beautiful boats in the harbour.



 The Boca Raton Resort & Club. 


 It is world renowned. It’s 356-acre estate abounds with exotic birds, brilliant tropical flora and beautiful, historic architecture.

 This is an  hotel with lots of history, charm and ambience.

 Mizner Park.


CIMG0432       P1060612

Mizner Park is the heart of Boca Raton with its iconic Mediterranean architecture, its abundance of fine and casual restaurants, its boutiques and its amphitheatre showcasing new and famous artists.

Boca Raton Beach Resort

P1060373       P1060734

P1060774     *P1060740


Loved Boca Raton Beach  Resort and Club.