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Less well known than its immediate neighbour, Cassis or the much larger Marseille, La Ciotat does have a very pretty port and the possibility of a relatively cheap day out on aboat due to its closeness to the “Calanques”. Indeed, La Ciotat has two of its own that can be walked to from the centre of town.A typical Mediterranean port that has its restaurants and bars along the quayside that seem full all day long.





 The Boca Raton Resort & Club. 


 It is world renowned. It’s 356-acre estate abounds with exotic birds, brilliant tropical flora and beautiful, historic architecture.

 This is an  hotel with lots of history, charm and ambience.

 Mizner Park.


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Mizner Park is the heart of Boca Raton with its iconic Mediterranean architecture, its abundance of fine and casual restaurants, its boutiques and its amphitheatre showcasing new and famous artists.

Boca Raton Beach Resort

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Loved Boca Raton Beach  Resort and Club.


Welcome to Palma de Mallorca

An Island for sunny days .

The cathedral is the anchor monument in the middle of what was the old section of the city. Mallorca is also spelled Majorca (larger city meaning) and has a long history of occupancy dating back to 6000BC.

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Mallorca Island a paradise on earth


Cap de Formentor


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  Cap de Formentor is a spectacular place, located on the northernmost point of the Balaeric Island Majorca.

The views  are amazing, you can look down the rock wall and see the Mediterranean at a few tens of meters below… quite impressive. I suggest to go there in the afternoon and stay until  evening, to catch the views during full light, dusk and dark.