AKUMAL BEACH   P1180436P1180353 P1180424 P1180425 P1180430 P1180433   The beach at Akumal is beautiful but more specifically, it is the water and lack of waves. Unlike other beaches around riviera maya, Akumal has a reef or barrier just off shore. You can see in the photos where the waves break. Because of this there are no waves near the beach.






Cancun is one of the nicest places you could ever go. I recommend that everyone once in their lifetime, take the time to visit Cancun. The weather here is beautiful all the year.


P1020490   P1020487

La Habichuela Sunset

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It is rare that a restaurant combines great service, unique entertainment and great food.

I get a mayan coffee at the end.An experience to remember !

But what makes it special is sitting outside in the garden area on white chairs watching the sunset. The gardens Re lovely with plantings and arranged artfully. Three times a week there is a short Mayan dance show which I enjoyed on a Monday evening.


Ritz-Carlton Cancun

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P1020466    P1020467


Everything is special about this hotel!
it`s simply one of  the best.(at least to me).


JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

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P1200140       P1200253



This is a great resort facility. You’d never have to leave if you don’t want to. They have a great breakfast buffet, afternoon tea, champaign flight in the afternoon, great pool, swim-up bar, and beach area. I have no complaints.

I had a wonderful 2 nights stay last year (november 2012).


Tulum is an amazing destination characterized by both its history and its peaceful, beautiful beaches.

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Mexico is one of my favorite countries in the world!  The people there are warm and extremely down-t0-earth.

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