P1300167     P1300395

P1300175    P1300195


P1300423 P1300427

I spent 1 night in this hotel. I really loved the swimming pool. There are shops and a great disco open at weekends with a great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place for business travelers, families etc…



      P1300346   P1300320 P1300271        P1300264 P1300257         P1300255


Hotel Mamounia is one of Marrakech’s big attractions and is probably the most famous and luxurious hotel in the country.

I didn’t lodge at La Mamounia, but I enjoyed walking by its impressive gardens.

It is  a classical luxury hotel, full of history with guest such as Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Charles Chaplin, Édif Piaf… Also some movies have been recorded in here, like “The man who knew too much”, from Alfred Hitchcock.

There are some excellent restaurants, such as the Moroccan food one, but also the cafe, with live music.




P1300453     P1300456

P1300468    IMG_1430 IMG_1433


Hotel is great – located closely to the medina, right in front of the shopping mall Menara Mall . Outside pool is also great and breakfast is just phenomenal!

Djamaa El Fna – Square, Marrakesh

P1300584 P1300588 P1300593 P1300594

This is easily Marrakesh’s main sight and a place where you can easily spend a couple of hours just walking around or watching the scene. Here, you will find all kinds of arts and all kinds of food in an entertaining setting.



P1300559   P1300560  P1300565            P1300580


Loved the craziness of it all. Very busy, and you really don’t know where to look first! A really fun place.

Its beautiful buildings and its rich culture, together with its colourful people makes it unique.




P1300626   P1300692 P1300695    P1300734

The region is inhabited by Berber people who practice a traditional way of life. Despite its proximity to Marrakech, it is still considered relatively “unspoiled”.












P1300041 P1300025

P1300047 P1300064

P1300054  P1300051


The monumental Strasbourg Cathedral is a huge tourist draw in this area. It is well worth seeing, but be advised that you won’t be alone.

Besides being a masterpiece of wood sculpture is also a popular for the restaurant and sidewalk cafes all around.



P1300139 P1300143 P1300147 P1300149 P1300150 P1300155


Walking through the Petite France district was a highlight of my visit to Strasbourg. Such a beautiful section of this historic city which retains the magnificent old homes and buildings.

A relaxing walk and I recommend you take the opportunity to have lunch or an afternoon coffee at one of the many restaurants along the waterway.

An alternative is to take a ferry trip through the waterway.


P1170050 P1170137 P1170276 P1170292 P1170700 P1170707 P1170741 P1170742 P1170784 P1170856 P1180026 P1180053 P1180071


There are many beautiful beaches in almost every country, but the choice I would say is simple. Go to Varadero beach where boring is not a word. Varadero is a resorts town in Matananzas, north of Cuba. It is one of the many few beaches with a still clam sea. Varadero is called Playa which means blue sea in Spanish. Every year there comes around 300,000 people just in that area.

Ideal place for beach lovers, Varadero is one of the most important tourism destinations in Cuba, world famous for its all inclusive Hotels.


P1130689 - Copie P1130756 - Copie P1130801 - Copie P1130804 - Copie P1130805 - Copie P1130811 P1130852 P1130931 P1130937 P1130942 P1130986

Less well known than its immediate neighbour, Cassis or the much larger Marseille, La Ciotat does have a very pretty port and the possibility of a relatively cheap day out on aboat due to its closeness to the “Calanques”. Indeed, La Ciotat has two of its own that can be walked to from the centre of town.A typical Mediterranean port that has its restaurants and bars along the quayside that seem full all day long.




P1160514 P1160533 P1160543 P1160589 P1160612 P1160628


P1160491 P1160496 P1160499 P1160500

During our visit to Havana, one of my favorite things to do was to just walk through the streets of Habana Vieja, admiring the contrasts of both people and structure.Old Havana has been around for close to 500 years. Many of the buildings date back to the 1700’s.You’ll get to see beautiful streets, squares & hidden courtyards. When you are tired of walking there are museums, galleries & cafes to visit.



P1180188 P1180190 P1180197 P1180220 P1180224 P1180226


This 5 mile long boulevard that runs from the old part of Havana (Habana Vieja) is an ideal place for mixing with the people of Cuba.Construction of the Malecon started in 1901 and its main purpose was to protect Havana from the sea.These days it is a pleasant place to wander by the waters edge watching people fishing,swimming and just relaxing along the sea wall.Also a good place for seeing the old American cars that frequent this area.


P1160416 P1160435 P1160439P1160462

My brief visit to this magnificent hotel which stands overlooking the Malecon in Havana was where i enjoyed the perfect Cuban Mojito.Sitting in the garden,overlooking the sea on a warm ,sunny day was a joy.
The hotel was opened in December 1930.Over the years some of the guests and visitors that have been here included Frank Sinatra,Ava Gardener,John Wayne,Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Alexander Fleming.




P1160736 P1160756 P1160776 P1160799 P1160822

Located at the Hotel Nacional, this  cabaret show is a vibrant and extravagant spectacle



P1160236 P1160311 P1160301 P1160366 P1160370

P1160294 P1160263


Can’t really describe how I felt that night at the Habana Cafe. It was a mixture of feelings and all of them positive ones. I found myself looking around the place and dreaming of the past. The interior decoration will transport you back to the 50’s or before. I love vintage cars and photography, good live music and drinks, so this was for me a right place to visit. The performers that night were absolutely great;  The Buena Vista Social Club among others made my night a perfect one. The staff is very friendly and the drinks can’t be any better!! Again, you’ll love the interior; the airplane hanging from the ceiling and the old cars inside, the pictures on the walls . Let this place surprise you!!





AKUMAL BEACH   P1180436P1180353 P1180424 P1180425 P1180430 P1180433   The beach at Akumal is beautiful but more specifically, it is the water and lack of waves. Unlike other beaches around riviera maya, Akumal has a reef or barrier just off shore. You can see in the photos where the waves break. Because of this there are no waves near the beach.




P1110946      P1110932

P1110929   P1110927





A beautiful park at “Ulus” district, high above hill point from which u can have a wonderful view of the Bosphorus.

My friend from Istanbul brought me in Ulus cafe which is just a couple of minutes of uphill driving from Ortaköy provides a wonderful view of the Bosphorus. The park also offers a pathway to walk and take pictures.

I think it is a must do in Istanbul just to rest and take some good panoramic pictures to take back home. Best time to be there is just before sunset. You can enjoy the day view, sunset and evening view and enjoy the lights of the Bosphorus Bridge.



Blue Mosque – Sultanahmet


P1120001    P1120020



One of the most popular tourists sights and when visiting Istanbul a “must see”.

Give yourself time, minimum one hour, most people stay much longer. Expect to wait for entry, I recommend you visit early in the day.


Topkapi Palace

P1120308   P1120351    P1120305 P1120280 P1120244 P1120231



A beautiful building from the outside and well worth going inside where you will see a beautiful dome ceiling, excellent wall decoration, beautiful windows…


For me, the highlight of the entire palace complex was the Harem.

In a word, the Topkapi Palace is, magnificent. It is definitely one of the highlights in Istanbul. Topkapi Palace was the residence of sultans and their harems from the 1450’s until the middle of the 19th century. It was also the seat of the Ottoman rule.



Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski


P1110378 P1110384 P1110811


P1110672 P1110673 P1110688


I had the good luck of having dinner in Bosphorus grill in this hotel on my first trip to Istanbul.

I felt like a Sultan 🙂


Lots of details form the general feeling of luxury in this hotel, but the one sigle detail that stands out in my memory is the swimming pool. It is by the Bosphorus, in a beautiful garden, with a view of the old palace and its marble gate on one side. When you are in it you see only a white balaustrade to separate the water of the pool from the sea.



Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus


P1110234  P1110627 P1110631 P1110324P1110642



Four Seasons hotel is one of the best located hotel.

A beautiful old palace, spectacularly overlooking the Bosphorus




VIEW FROM Pera Palace Hotel  


P1120450 P1120147



This wonderful hotel is still in the style of the 1930’s. It was the destination for the passengers arriving on the Orient Express. It was also the hotel where Agatha Christie stayed when she went missing for a period of time. She stayed here several times and it was here that she wrote her famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express”.



P1120568 P1120563 P1120548 P1120545


When I was in Jerusalem I of course visited the Western Wall. You have surely heard about it. It’s an important place for the Jews and many are praying there. You can write a prayer on a paper and put it into the wall if you want.

Friday evenings are the best time to visit as shabbat sets in, with many thousands flocking to the Kotel (Hebrew name), the sound of the faithful singing, their songs and prayers cutting through the air;

No doubt a  place where everyone should go and experience .


Ben Yehuda Street

P1120450 P1120451 P1120532


Ben Yehuda St area is a very lively area especially at night, there are many pubs and restaurants in and around it and its one of the nicest areas to hang out in.



P1120466   P1120459



It’s one of the most beautiful hotel in Jerusalem .

A great plus is the location…very close to the old city .

The view of the Old City was incredible.

The David Citadel Hotel on King David Street commands a prime site at the most desirable location in Western Jerusalem, across from Alrov Mamilla Avenue and overlooking the ancient walls of the Old City, the historical Tower of David and Jaffa Gate. 



P1090575 P1090567 P1090554 P1090902   P1090587

The Plaza de San Nicolas is situated in Granada Old Town, known as the Albaicin.
It is possible to walk to it form the centre of the town, if you’re the energetic type.
Alternatively, you can catch one of the little transit-style buses that rattle through the old town’s narrow cobbled streets.
The plaza has a wonderful view back to the Alhambra Palace, with the Sierra Nevada mountains in the background.
There are also a number of bars and restaurants in the vicinity if you feel in need of refreshment.
When we were there there were musicians playing Spanish guitar which added to the atmosphere.
There’ll be plenty of other tourists there with you, but it is well worth the effort as you don’t get that view from anywhere else.


P1090694      P1090801 P1090764      P1090765    P1090788

No doubt that the Alhambra is a pearl in the heart of Andalucia. From the views over Albayzin across to the Medieval city walls hrough the beautifully-shaped windows of the Nasrid palaces to the views *of* the Alhambra from the Gerneralife, you will be spoilt for choice.



P1090865     P1090520

P1090944             P1090490      P1090504  P1090863

Plaza Nueva works on many levels. A beautiful linear square that runs along the Daro River. Gorgeous views on one side up the hill to the Alhambra and to the Albaicin neighborhood on the other. This is tourist central for Granada.


The Festival of Lights is probably the most popular as well as the most established event in Lyon occurs on December 8th. Lanterns adorn balconies and windows and streets a full of performers making the event quite a visionary display. Different events are organised in the different quarters. The Festival of Lights began around 150 years ago at the time when statue of the Virgin Mary was erected on Fourviere Hil and unveiled.

As well as the buildings being lit up, there is usually a theme and full displays of colours and light are everywhere. Take the time to explore the city, both in the afternoon (for shopping fun!) and then enjoy the colour and life of Lyon at night.

P1050775 P1050818 P1050974 P1050984 P1060033 P1060051 P1060065 P1060086 P1060116 P1060122 P1060156 P1060172 P1060217 P1060244P1060199