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When I was in Jerusalem I of course visited the Western Wall. You have surely heard about it. It’s an important place for the Jews and many are praying there. You can write a prayer on a paper and put it into the wall if you want.

Friday evenings are the best time to visit as shabbat sets in, with many thousands flocking to the Kotel (Hebrew name), the sound of the faithful singing, their songs and prayers cutting through the air;

No doubt a  place where everyone should go and experience .


Ben Yehuda Street

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Ben Yehuda St area is a very lively area especially at night, there are many pubs and restaurants in and around it and its one of the nicest areas to hang out in.



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It’s one of the most beautiful hotel in Jerusalem .

A great plus is the location…very close to the old city .

The view of the Old City was incredible.

The David Citadel Hotel on King David Street commands a prime site at the most desirable location in Western Jerusalem, across from Alrov Mamilla Avenue and overlooking the ancient walls of the Old City, the historical Tower of David and Jaffa Gate. 






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Nassau, on New Providence, is the capital of the Bahamas and features a mixture of neocolonial 19th century buildings and modern hotel resorts. It’s the main point where caribbean cruise ships stop and spring breakers party.

The city of Nassau is blooming with beautiful color from the buildings, water and people.



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I went to Atlantis to visit the property and see what everyone was talking about. I  took a 10 minute cab ride over to the hotel from Nassau. Sol Kerzner built an amazing hotel, he spared no detail to make everyone believe this was the real Atlantis. The marine exhibits, the Chihuly glass, the sculptures, and lagoons were amazing. This resort has over 2000 rooms in three main Towers: the Beach Towers, Coral Towers and Royal Towers. It is considered the largest island resort in the world. For me Atlantis was nice for a visit .It felt like Disneyland. The people who would enjoy staying here are people with children. There are activities for adults to enjoy such as a nightclub and a spa.



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Charlevoix is one of the little waterfront villages that charmed me the most on MY visit to northern Michigan. I regret that I don’t have more, and better, photos to share. The town has two waterfronts – one of Lake Michigan, one on Lake Charlevoix. The marina is on Lake Charlevoix.

A number of houses in town were designed by architect Earl Young and have been called “mushroom houses” by the locals.


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I came to Boyne over summer

The Mountain Grand Lodge is a nice resort.


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Gorgeous sunsets, beautiful dunes, warm water.

I wish i could live there:)


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I really enjoyed my dinner in Legs Inn.

This is an authenic Polish restaraunt in a small crossroads town in Northern Michigan. 

Watching the sun set over Lake Michigan was fabulous.


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The Grand Hotel is easily one of the most distinguishable landmarks and buildings on the island. Its sweeping wooden porch dominates its surroundings, and the grounds in front of it are always covered in a stunning array of vibrantly colored flowers.

There is a lot of appeal in a trip across to Mackinac Island. First, no cars, so if you want to get around, bikes are a great way to go. Probably more importantly, there is the allure of fudge! Mackinac is famous for the confection, and stores that sell it line the main street of the island.


   Casino Monaco



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A walk around the Place de Casino will expose you to some beautiful sites. First, of course, is the Monte Carlo Casino. Next is the Hotel de Paris, with Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant. Across the square is the Cafe de Paris. And in the center of the square the lovely garden and fountain.

Hotel de Paris,  Montecarlo.

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Hotel the Paris is the most famous hotel of Monte Carlo because it’s on the Place du Casino and well…right next to the casino. It’s a super luxury hotel where you’ll cross stars and top models in the sensational lobby or in the hotel restaurant, le Louis XV, one of the 3 Alain Ducasse’s restaurants (THE reference of french haute-cuisine). 


Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel

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The Montecarlo Beach Hotel  actually is not located in Monaco, but just across the border in Roquebrune/France.

They have the best outdoor olympic pool of Monco,with mediteranean see easy access


Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

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The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is one of the top sighs in Monaco, as it happens to bd the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. Its construction dates back to 1215, when it was a Genoese fortress. It became the stronghold of the Grimaldi family in 1297 – and has been continuously inhabited by them until the present day.

It is possible to visit the palace inside, and I strongly recommend it .


Fairmont hotel.


The Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel is a unique four-star luxury convention resort located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco in between the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary Casino of Monte Carlo.

 Monaco Port

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As you walk, you can see people of all ages, children on their bicycles…You look at the beautiful boats in the harbour.



 The Boca Raton Resort & Club. 


 It is world renowned. It’s 356-acre estate abounds with exotic birds, brilliant tropical flora and beautiful, historic architecture.

 This is an  hotel with lots of history, charm and ambience.

 Mizner Park.


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Mizner Park is the heart of Boca Raton with its iconic Mediterranean architecture, its abundance of fine and casual restaurants, its boutiques and its amphitheatre showcasing new and famous artists.

Boca Raton Beach Resort

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Loved Boca Raton Beach  Resort and Club.